In a story that is becoming increasingly common, a Shreveport man is now dealing with the fact that the family that he grew up isn't what he thought it was - biologically speaking.  41 year old Jason White recently had his DNA analyzed through the popular mail-in service 23andMe.  After receiving his results, White struggled to find a "match" within his family.  After a lengthy conversation with 23andMe support, he came to the stunning realization that the man that raised him was not his biological father.

The Shreveport construction worker would eventually find a connection to family through the service, and has even visited a step-brother in Las Vegas he didn't even know that he had.  Jason is one of a growing number of people who are finding their lives turned upside down by the growing popularity of DNA testing services.  His story was featured on ABC's Good Morning America program as part of their investigation in to how companies like 23andMe handle customers who find themselves at a loss due to their newfound genetic knowledge.   Representatives from the company say that while they are not therapists, they do thoroughly train their employees to deal with these types of situations.

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