Another day, another shooting in Shreveport.

A Shreveport man is recovering in the hospital following a drive-by shooting that took place in Shreveport Sunday evening. SPD has not released any information regarding the man who suffered a gunshot wound. According to local media, gunshots were rattling off all over the place near the intersection of Canal Boulevard and Canal Boulevard Sunday night. Several houses in the area were struck by the stray bullets as the perpetrators sped away.

Unfortunately, one man was struck by spray of incoming bullets, getting shot once in the leg. Thankfully, this shreveport man only received one gunshot wound and it is not life-threatening.

SPD has not released any information on the suspects at this time. If and when they do, I will update this article.

Still, there is nothing good about this story. A man's life flashed before his eyes as another seemingly random Shreveport shooting rocked his neighborhood. This has become entirely too commonplace in Shreveport, and stories like these leave me wondering when anyone will do anything at all to fix it. I understand that gun violence, especially as common as it is in our town, is incredibly hard to tamper. However, just because something is hard doesn't mean we have to accept it and move along.

It would be nice if our city leaders spent a little less time and energy focusing on bans regarding smoking and portable advertising boards, and spent a little more time attempting to fix a community that is constantly rattled by shootings and the general fear of shootings.

Something has to give.

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