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The Shreveport Police Department’s Office of Special Investigations conducted a two-day operation (October 23 and October 24) aimed at targeting Human Trafficking and Prostitution. The operation was called "Operation: Party Over", and the SPD was able to arrest 6 individuals for soliciting prostitution as well as prostitution.

 The following arrests were made:

SPD: Kilven Green

Kilven Green   10-16-1977   Soliciting Prostitution

SPD: Sierra Noe

Noe Sierra   5-23-1977   Soliciting Prostitution

SPD: -Edward Gardner

Edward Gardner   6-7-1987   Soliciting Prostitution

SPD: Rinaudo Barker

Rinaudo Barker   8-11-1982   Soliciting Prostitution

SPD: Misty Drake

Misty Drake    6-16-1980   Prostitution

SPD: Justice Roberts

Justice Roberts   1-9-2003   Prostitution

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