Here is our reminder that kindness is patriotic! "Calming the Canines," is a July 4th tradition at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Center. There are several dogs and puppies that are sensitive and petrified of loud noises, so July 4 is one of the most terrifying days ever.

So many of us are concerned about our pets at home but we don't think of shelter dogs who can only cower alone in their cages until the loud blasts are over. Luckily for shelter dogs in Pheonix, Arizona 2 shelters had a patriotic and genius idea to help out.

Last year over 300 people showed up to keep dogs in shelters company while fireworks took over the town. Phoenix, Arizona is officially on our kindness and most patriotic list. What a beautiful thing this community has gathered to do, why can't we do this here in Shreveport and in Bossier? I would sign up and be a part of it, would you?


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