If you're a fan of Lemmy and Motorhead (and who isn't?!? After all, Lemmy is God, right?), you're already familiar with their latest album, Aftershock, that dropped back in October.
A snarling, vile, nasty dose of vitriol, Aftershock was definitely a return to form for the band, with guitarist "Philthy" Phil Campbell laying down some of his tastiest licks in 20 years.

You know the album, you know the songs, sing along with me to the new lyric video for "Crying Shame":

The band will be releasing a limited-edition and numbered picture disc of "Aftershock" as part of Record Store Day on April 19. Be sure and hit up our friends at Day Old Blues Record Store on E. Kings to reserve your copy. They're open Tuesday thru Saturday, noon to 7 pm.