It’s no secret that Slipknot will be touring as a part of this year’s massive Mayhem Festival lineup, which also includes Slayer, Anthrax, Motorhead, the Devil Wears Prada and many others. When we got to talking with Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson and M. Shawn Crahan on the Black Carpet of the Revolver Golden Gods about what fans can expect from the band for this year, they reflected on their late bandmate Paul Gray and talked about honoring his legacy.

Crahan told us, “Unfortunately, we had a brother pass away and instead of trying to deal with it ourselves we decided to go out and celebrate [his legacy] with the people that matter the most. So since last summer we hit Europe and we hit South America … and we share in it because [the fans] hurt, we hurt.”

He continued, “We all get to celebrate Paul’s life, his love for music, his love for the band, his love for the fans and in return we get to do the same thing and then we’ll end it, take some time for ourselves and the next time we’ll get together and we’ll be writing a new record and it’ll be exactly the amount of time that the hourglass needs to be turned over for.”

Crahan concluded, “So we don’t take this s— lightly and who would in any family, in any sort of life form? We take this very seriously and I don’t think anybody would want to do it any other way ‘cause that’s not Slipknot’s style.”

Go here for a full list of dates where you can catch Slipknot on the Mayhem Festival this summer.

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