I figured you guys would want a taste of the sexy versions of the costumes the fat chicks around here try to pull off. Listed below are the top 5 sexiest most popular costumes I've heard about for 2011.

  • yandy.com

    Lady Gaga Zombie

    Lady Gaga as a Zombie! Where would one find a costume penis to hide??

  • partycity.com

    Green Lantern (ess?)

    While Ryan Reynolds plays the original, I think she has a better looking chest. Now lets see if that green ring can be used for other things...

  • yandy.com

    Parry Hotter

    Please insert your wand jokes here. I wonder if she could make my Hallo-weenie disappear?

  • hotfawkes.com

    Chick Fawkes

    While the mask is traditionally worn by dudes, chicks have dawned the Revolutionaries likeness this year for Halloween. And the plus of the whole thing? You and she can do it 'anonymously'.

  • yandy.com

    Black Swan

    While a Natalie Portman look-a-like may be hard to find....if you see this outfit out this Halloween, call me a.s.a.p. Now where did I leave my Mila Kunis costume? =)