Soulfly / Cavalera Conspiracy / ex-Sepultura legend Max Cavalera has the ultimate metal family. With wife Gloria helping to steer the ship, Max has carved out an incredible career, but his kids aren't to be looked over. In fact, they've all been branding their mark on the music industry for a long time.

In this part our of exclusive chat with Max, he tells us all about his musical family. With a gleam in his eye reserved only for proud parents, Max raves about his son Zyon, who drums for Soulfly and Lody Kong, the latter of which also features Max's son Igor.

Max continues to praise his son Richie, who provides vocals for Arizona-based metal act Incite, who have developed a very respectable following. Son Jason also serves as Zyon's drum tech on tour, while step-daughter Christina works the merch stand.

Check out the video above for even more on Max Cavalera's metal family!

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