Soundgarden is getting ready to release "Live on 15," their first ever LIVE CD on March 22nd, and already the world wide waste is bursting with rumors about a possible tour and new material.I recently found a statement released by Soundgarden saying that, "Over the past few months, we’ve been busy jamming, writing and hanging out together – exploring the creative aspect of being Soundgarden. It feels great. We have some cool new songs that we are going to record very soon. Thank you for all of the support!"

Now, guitarist Kim Thayil, told Rolling Stone,

I think we're definitely interested in playing live again. It would be more satisfying if we were to get that momentum rolling," Thayil told the magazine. "It's never ultimately satisfying to play a one-off show here and there, because you don't have the subsequent nights to redeem yourself if there is something that you feel went unsaid or something you feel went unexpressed or something you could do better. And the cool thing about being on a tour is there is always the next night. You have great nights, you have nights that aren't so great. And when you're on tour, you can build on that momentum.

I wonder if beg and plead, they'll definitely do it.