There is always some animosity when former partners split up. I don't care whether it's an affair of the heart or something far more important, college football, Neil Sedaka said it best, Breaking Up is Hard To Do.

There is already a lot of tension between the LSU Athletic Department and former LSU Defensive Coordinator John Chavis. Anytime you leave a big  time college football program to go to another program there are issues. These issues are compounded when the program you're going to is an annual opponent in the same conference.

The issue, besides from hurt feelings and a lot of money, comes down to this. Did LSU initiate changes to Chavis' contract after it was signed ? Did Chavis begin working for or with Texas A&M while he was still technically an employee of LSU? It has been placed in the hands of the legal system to determine who might be right and who might be wrong.

In a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network legal analyst Tim Meche suggested that it's not uncommon for nominal changes to be made to a contract even after it has been signed.

I think these types of things happen with regularity so I don't think it's a fatal flaw.

A judge in the case has asked Chavis to turn over his telephone records to see if there was inappropriate communications between the LSU coach and Texas A&M.  The reason for this would be to determine if Chavis had begun working for A&M before he was announced as Assistant Coach.

Analyst Meche says that in his opinion it will be beneficial for LSU, Chavis, and Texas A&M to get this situation settled out of the courts and off the public record.

There is a chance that a lot of dirty little secrets would come out and some of that could cause NCAA scrutiny, so the parties all have to be very careful.

I think it's safe to say that no college football program wants to give the NCAA and it's over zealous investigators a reason to start snooping around.

Here's to hoping that cooler heads will prevail and hurt feelings will be soothed. We can settle the issue next season when LSU and Texas A&M meet on the football field. It will be one more motivating factor for both schools to play hard.

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