This Summer, Shreveport's public transit line is offering free rides to kids!  SportTran will be helping kids of all ages get around town safely and quickly all summer long, as long as they follow a few basic rules.

According to KSLA, the new program will kick off May 20th and will give kids the opportunity to travel the entire Shreveport / Bossier City area.  Children will have to show their student discount fare card or board with a parent or guardian to take advantage of the program.  Adults getting aboard can bring along no more than 3 kids for free.  Kids without the discount card can apply for one at SporTran's Intermodal Terminal, 1237 Murphy St. in Shreveport.  They must be accompanied by a parent and show a report card, class schedule or letter from the school.

SporTran will also host special "How to Ride" classes for kids 10 and up starting Tuesday June 3rd.  At the free sessions, kids will learn to read bus schedules and maps; plan trips around town and review bus safety rules.

Am I crazy, or is 10 years old way too young to be exploring Shreveport via public transportation alone?  Find out more about the program here.

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