Starset are not your typical band, nor is their show the typical run-of-the-mill performance. Having strong ties to space themes, the band have done a great job of tying their music, performances and concepts into a unique presentation. Their shows aren't concerts, they're demonstrations, as the band's website will tell you. So we knew when Starset hit the stage at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards, it might catch some by surprise.

The band earned the trifecta of being nominated for Hard Rock Artist, Song and Album of the Year, and the Loudwire Music Awards gave the band a showcase for their live talents as well.

Singer Dustin Bates played from center stage with a keyboard that looks more like a command center, while flanked by his two spacesuit wearing cohorts, a stand up bassist and a cellist as they opened their two-song set with their current single "Satellite," a track showcasing a desire to make a connection in this world. Meanwhile, the band's drummer was encased in a diaphanous box that at times allowed him to be visible to the audience, while other times the box served as a base for cloud-like projections.

Sticking with their standout effort, Vessels, the band rocked into "Ricochet," a track distinguishable by its buzzy blasts and beats, accentuated in the live setting as Bates stood on the risers with blasts of smoke coming up through the grates. It was an eye-catching demonstration, and one that should pull in more viewers to see what Starset are all about.

Watch Starset Perform "Ricochet" at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards

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