There are those who say, "Act like you've been there before" and tell you to be humble in your victory. But where's the fun in that? Actor/comedian Rob Riggle has been picking football games for the NFL on Fox Sunday morning show, and somehow he bested the panel of experts last year to take the title. In celebration, he's delivered one gloriously over the top video with a little help from Steel Panther and rapper Lil' Jon, two music acts who are not exactly known for being modest themselves.

The clip, titled 'Hail to the Victor,' finds the band calling out Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson and Curt Menifee as Riggle gloats while wearing an Elvis-like jumpsuit.

The stage itself is pretty eye-catching as well as Riggle's name is highlighted in Iron Maiden-font and two large cutouts of Riggle's face with a crown. The hole in the mouth of the Riggle face also shoots pyro, which comes in handy, especially when the comedian wants to roast marshmallows.

The video ends with Riggle and Lil' Jon making their picks of the Steelers and the Panthers in honor of Steel Panther and those picks proved to be right on the head as both teams emerged victorious on Sunday.

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