Steel Panther have just released a very NSFW video for 'Gloryhole.' The track is an absolute gem from the band's third full-length, 'All You Can Eat,' and the video is a disturbing home run.

We've all thought about it. When you're minding your own business in a bathroom stall and see a hole drilled in one of the walls, the impulse to take a risk sometimes gets the best of us. Steel Panther, however, are proud of their anonymous fellatio experiences, penning 'Gloryhole' to commemorate the debauchery.

The explicit video was originally only accessible on your smartphone. Fans who called 941-75-STEEL were greeted with a voicemail and were sent a link to 'Gloryhole,' but now, the gooey clip is available for your viewing pleasure online.

'Gloryhole' is set completely in a sketchy bathroom covered in graffiti with holes in every single stall. Although there are some hot chicks in a few of the stalls, the rest are populated by trannys, little people, frat boys, clowns and a multitude of religious figures. Predictably, the video gets pretty messy, sporting more baby gravy than any single human could produce in a single lifetime.

Check out Steel Panther's new video for 'Gloryhole' above! To buy a copy of 'All You Can Eat,' click here.

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