It's always interesting to dig a little deeper and learn the origins of a song, and Stone Sour are giving fans a closer look at the track "Hell & Consequences" by posting a demo from the early stages of recording for their Come What(Ever) May album.

The disc celebrates its 10th anniversary on Aug. 1 and guitarist Josh Rand posted the demo with some commentary on what we're hearing. "This is my favorite song on Come What(Ever) May," says Rand in a Facebook posting. "This version was recorded at Catamount Studio by Joel [Ekman], Shawn [Economaki], & myself in 2004. Corey [Taylor] recorded the vocals at my house while he was on a break from recording Slipknot's Vol 3. Jim [Root] isn't on this demo because he was still in L.A. working on Subliminal. The guitar solo I play was recorded later as I hadn't written it yet."

The Come What(Ever) May disc was produced by Nick Raskulinecz and went a long way to helping establish Stone Sour's base outside of the Slipknot umbrella. Speaking with MTV around the time of the release, Corey Taylor stated, "It’s a bigger step away from Slipknot and more in the heart of why we do Stone Sour. Every song is different and yet each has continuity. These days everybody sounds like one-note wonders, and we’re putting the diversity back in. There’s nothing that says you can’t have different songs and still be the same band, but most people are just too chickens--t to do it.”

The album enjoyed a deep run, with tracks like "30/30 - 150," "Through Glass," "Sillyworld," "Made of Scars" and "Zzyzx Rd" all getting attention.

Stone Sour filled some of the downtime between albums with a series of covers EPs last year. In a recent video interview with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez, Corey Taylor laid out the timeline for Stone Sour's next studio album. Watch the video below.

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