Out of all tributes to the late Scott Weiland, this one is easily the most moving. The surviving members of Stone Temple Pilots sat down in a studio and listened to the STP track "Atlanta" while reminiscing about the vocal force that was Scott Weiland.

"Dean and Eric and I wanted to honor Scott and we thought the best way to do that would be musically," Robert DeLeo narrates. "We chose this song because we feel it represents one of the times in our career that Scott was truly at his best." Eric Kretz adds that "Atlanta" still hits him the same way today as it did 16 years ago when it was recorded.

Throughout the closing track to Stone Temple Pilots' No. 4 album, the three musicians discuss the track while cutting out different instruments at select times to isolate Weiland's performance. "Together let's honor Scott. ... 'Memories of Candles and Incense.' Having the opportunity to listen to these tracks individually reveal the beauty of Scott’s lyrical and melodic gift," says STP. "This is one of the many musical moments we shared together. It is in this way we would like to remember Scott."

"Touching would be an understatement," Dean DeLeo says as the track fades away. Though Weiland and his bandmates butted heads while making music together and retained some bad blood even after their last breakup, you can tell the three members still cared very music about Scott and the journey they took with the singer.

Check out Dean, Eric and Robert's 'Memories of Candles and Incense' video tribute to Scott Weiland in the clip above.

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