I have two friends in my office who call me an old woman because I still write checks. For the record, I am 24 years old. I am not old. The reason I turned to checks when paying bills is because when I was living at my previous apartment complex they charged a convenience fee of $20 to pay rent online. Obviously this wasn't very convenient, and second I had to find how to purchase checks. After a while it just stuck.

Also I like the ritual of writing things down. I was that kid in class that had to write down everything in order to remember things for tests. So that mindset is still with me. If I write out a check I know that I paid it. I also have a big calendar book that I write everything in just in case I do forget. That doesn't make me old! Well... I also own a typewriter and a record player, but that doesn't make me old.

What "old" thing do you still do?