It's been over a decade since Hurricane Katrina devastated a huge swath of the Gulf Coast, especially New Orleans.  You can still see evidence of the storm's destruction up and down the I-10 corridor.

I recall that when I was working at another radio station in Texas about a year after Katrina, the company that employed me at the time had its annual managers' conference in New Orleans.  One of our team-building exercises was to help clean up a portion of one of the city parks that was hit hardest by the storm.  We worked for about six hours that day, and although we were able to clear out a big pile of underbrush, it was but a tiny fraction of what remained to be done to clean up the Big Easy.

Today New Orleans is once again thriving; its tourism has returned, but some things will never be the same.  Like Six Flags New Orleans.  The amusement park was closed soon after Katrina, but its remnants remain.  Just try to get these haunting pictures out of your mind from a photo tour of the abandoned park.

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