The Louisiana Food Prize has announced that its Summer Chef Series will kick off this Thursday.  World renowned executive chef at Saint Leo restaurant in Oxford, Mississippi, Marco D’Emidio will have the honor of being the first chef featured in the series.  D’Emidio specializes in food sustainability and cooking from scratch, and will feature his world famous style at Wine Country Bistro in Shreveport this Thursday from 7 to 9 pm.  Marco will showcase the food he grew up with in his hometown of Abruzzo, Italy.  This menu, reported by the Shreveport Times, looks incredibly delicious:


Crostini di rigaglie di agnello

Fava & pecorino



Timballo di scrippelle alla Teramana


Agnello alla Franceschiello


Verdure arrosto



The Louisiana Food Prize is an extension of the renowned and essential Louisiana Film Prize, which fosters creativity for burgeoning filmmakers by giving them a festival and a venue to expose the masses to their work.  The food side of the arts loving organization is dedicated to expanding the taste horizons of Northwest Louisiana by fostering community and competition among culinary professionals in the Bayou State and beyond.

Tickets for this culinary adventure are $125 each, and are quite the deal when you consider that the price includes a gourmet meal of the highest order, tax, tip, and a donation to the Louisiana Food Prize.  Find out more and purchase tickets by clicking here.

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