This story hits a little too close to home, literally. Early on Monday morning, I'm sitting outside on my patio taking a look at the supermoon when I hear loud crunching of leaves. It sounds like people walking on the leaves. It's 3:30 in the morning. It's normally extremely quiet at that time of day. The crunching gets closer. I sit on my outdoor chair and look through the slats of my wooden fence. I see two men walking toward my car and the cars of my neighbors. One of the guys was short. He was in front. The other was walking behind him and he was very tall.

The fact that these two guys are going toward my car and the carports of other neighbors alerts me. I keep listening though I can no longer see them. I hear more leaves crunching and I hear a faint sound of someone pulling on a car door handle.

I quietly go inside and call 911 and tell them what's going on. They say an officer is on the way. At this point, I go look through my peep hole to see if they are trying to get in my car (which is locked). I hit the lock button which sounds a beep. I then hear more leaf crunching farther away toward cars down the main street in my gated community.

A few minutes later, police pull up. I go outside. Officer Smith tells me they caught one of the guys. He drove me around the corner to where other officers have the suspect and wants me to see if the guy matches the man I saw earlier. I'm nervous and will be late for work as a result, but I go with him.

I did ask Officer Smith if the guy would be able to see me. He said "no ma'aam". We pull up and while I'm sitting in the back of the patrol car, Officer Smith shines his spotlight on the suspect. It looks like the guy I saw. He's definitely the same height, very tall and is wearing a fleece jacket like what I saw. Once I tell Officer Smith this, the other officers handcuff the suspect and put him back in a patrol car.

One of my neighbors cars got broken into, but it looks like officers will be able to get some good fingerprints. I hope it's not too long before the other suspect is caught.

I do know, this makes me want to beef up security at my home. Tiger's mean and ornery but I don't know how much protection he brings to the table.

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