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Air Force to Retire Bombers
The plan, referred to as the "bomber vector," laid out the timeline for phasing out the aging fleet and phasing in the new, advanced bombers to keep the US's air ability at the bleeding edge of tech.
Soldiers Prank Sleeping Soldiers [VIDEO]
Every time I had friend's sleep over in school the first person to fall asleep ended up with something horrible happening to them. Hands in warm water, flour on faces, shaving cream, tons of stupid stuff. I was proud this weekend when my son stayed over at a friend's house, and told me the…
Watch The Refueling Of Bombers & F-22s Midair [VIDEO]
WHAT!?! Look, I knew that the planes refueled in the sky, and I knew our pilots were good...but this is beyond belief. These pilots are traveling at incredible rates of speed, and they're operating INCHES away from each other.
These skills are unparalleled...

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