Why Parents Need to Know About Sarahah
It started off as a simple way for employees to speak up without fear of being fired. Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq created the website to help businesses. By having their employees send in anonymous feedback to their employers...
The App That Will Find Your Dogs Perfect Match
It's like a Tinder for your dog. You have several profiles to read through. You find your pets perfect match, and then you ask the question. "Are you available to board my dog on these dates?" Since I am rather new to town and my dog is a jerk to cats, I had to find a way to g…
Sex App
So how is your sex life? Adventurous? Boring? Are you a stud? Are you a cock block?
Fear no more! You can actually track your sex-capades with the new app called Spreadsheets, said with tongue firmly planted...somewhere.
Need Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix? There’s an App for That.
It's that time of year, when Girl Scouts plan their cookie attack, but it can be really hard to know where the Girl Scouts are at selling cookies.
Worry no more because The Girl Scouts of America have gone high tech in their quest earn badges and keep our freezers stocked with cookies.
On March 2…
Apple Makes Crap They Can’t Even GIVE Away!
UK resident Gail Davis got a call from Apple to award her with a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR iTunes gift card for downloading their 10billionth app and SHE HANGS UP!
(I would too.)  "I thought it was a prank call," Gail told  She remembers saying, "Thank you very much, I’m not i…