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Why Parents Need to Know About the Sarahah App
It started off as a simple way for employees to speak up without fear of being fired. Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq created the website to help businesses. By having their employees send in anonymous feedback to their employers...
Can You Tell if He Will Cheat By the Car He Drives?
According to I need to sit down and have a conversation with my boyfriend. He drives a Toyota, which placed first on the brand of car that cheating men drive. Since I drive a box on wheels that's a Honda, I probably should tread carefully since the Honda placed first as the car that cheating women drive...
Banned Super Bowl Ads [VIDEO]
Remember when the commercials that aired during the Super Bowl were as big a deal as he game itself?  Yeah, there's still some good stuff during the game, but a lot of companies have taken the fun out it by jumping the gun and airing their "Super Bowl" commercials days before the big game. Not to mention the internet "leaks".  So we've seen a lot of these special commercials da