Louisiana's Most Popular Boy Baby Name Is A Head-Scratcher
Like every parent, my wife and I tried to find the perfect names for our two daughters. Unlike some families there was no pressure to honor our progenitors by naming them after anyone in particular.  And we didn't want to saddle them with something completely unintelligible like Wynonne, w…
It's A Boy! Family Reacts To Surprise [VIDEO]
A family in Belleville, MI was welcoming a new member to the family. Kyle and Danielle Williams were fully expecting a newborn girl, based on the ultrasounds they had been given for months. It appears everyone in their family was expecting a little girl too...
Baby Rocks Out To Queen
With all the terrible pop crap that is crammed down kids throats, I've been given hope for the future. I found this video of a baby literally entranced by Freddie Mercury, the incredible and sadly gone front man for Queen.
If more parents exposed their kids to this, instead of Kidz Bop, we might…
In The Future, They Will All Be Wearing Velcro Shoes
As we get more technically advanced, we tend to also get a little stupider.  See spell check didn't catch that grammatical error!  There may be one day flying cars, but no one will be able to tie their shoes.  If there are shoe laces by then.