LSU Health Shreveport Graduates Lead Country In Earning
There has been a lot of debate recently on whether or not it pays to go to college.  The biggest knock against getting a college education is the possibility of incurring tons of debt.  The level of student debt is now $1.2 TRILLION (that's a number that ends in 12 zeroes), and 70% of students graduate owing $28,950...
Caught On Mic
Everyone has an embarrassing moment at some point. However, at least here on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, we have a dump button to hit.
Get a B.S. in Franco and Other B.S. College Courses
James Franco, you know the scruffy not-all-there dealer from Pineapple Express, will be shaping the minds of the future while stoking his ego at the same time.  The actor will be teaching a class at Columbia College Hollywood on being James Franco.  That's not the only useless college course out there.