Ladies, We Found Your Valentine on Craigslist
Valentine's Day is just a couple days away, and we want to make sure that every lady out there in Shreveport/Bossier has a sweetheart. That's why we took to Shreveport Craigslist to find the very "best" in available bachelors.
Craigslist: Shreveport - Pregnant woman wanted
We're back again with more from the wonderful world of Craigslist: Shreveport. What I've learned after trolling Craigslist is that you guys are wrecked. Not all of you, but a damn good amount of you are deviants. Which is great news for the rest of us, because we get to find humor in your …
Shreveport Craigslist missed connections
Craigslist has changed our world, you can get a free couch, some nice pants, or a new car. You can also find some solid lulz...which brings us to this, our first edition of Craigslist: Shreveport.
First up, some dude looking to dunk his cookies in specialty milk...
We've all had bad relationships. It's just a part of life. The difference between all of us is how we deal with them. Some of us go an extended drinking binge. Some nail our ex's hot girlfriends. Others just sit in darkness, crying like a bitch. But one fella out in San Francisco took…
Weird Craigslist Ad is quite a handy site. In addition to finding a job or an apartment, readers can also find a man seeking a woman to have his child with no strings attached. That's right: an ad placed to the Washington, D.C. Craigslist seeks a woman who can give a man a child...
Craigslist Fun
What would you do if you checked your garage in the middle of the night only to find an intruder? Would you:
A. Slam the garage door shut and call 911
B. Yell at the intruder to get off your property and then run and hide
C. Beat him with a shovel and dare the intruder to come back for more via a Craig…

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