Manson/Zombie Feud
Are future tour dates in jeopardy after an onstage feud in Detroit between Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie? There's no indication of that right now.
Nickelback Responds to Detroit [VIDEO]
So Detroit doesn't like Nickelback. Or so the petition says. (Sorry, I have been to Detroit, it is no prize, They are lucky Nickelback wants to go there.)
You have to give the Nickelback guys credit, they can make fun of themselves in this video...
Robocop Eager to Help Detroit Once Again [VIDEO]
Detroit resembles a sinking ship rather than a city at this point.  The people of Detroit cry out for Robocop to save them, but the city is not buying it.  That may change as Robocop himself Peter Weller speaks out about the proposed Robocop statue to help revive the city.  Maybe now …
Detroit Needs Saving… Call Robocop [VIDEO]
Things have really gone to hell for Detroit Rock City, and the people aren't going to take it anymore.  The City of Detroit is making plans for a revival of sorts and so naturally they need a statue.  The city looked to Detroiters for ideas for the perfect iconic symbol for this …