If You Plan to Drink This Weekend
I forget quite often that it now takes me 3 days and a miracle to recover from a night out of drinking or a drink at lunch that turns into day drinking. I miss the days where I could drink all night long and wake up in time for Brunch not looking like a raccoon who had just been hit by a truck.
Top Drinking Songs for St. Patty’s Day [VIDEO]
St. Patty's Day is today-the one day no that matter what color, nationality or creed you are we are all the same...no, not Irish, it's the day we all puke green. So, to help our livers get prepared for the big day, here are some of the Top Ten Irish Drinking Songs. Raise your pints of Guinness and y…
Cheap Beers Rated By a Wine Expert [VIDEO]
The beer snob. We all know one. The guy who looks down his nose at your Coors Light, while he sips on his imported beer with the unpronounceable name.
"I only drink beer created in a monastery in the mountains of Afghanistan...each vat urinated in by a monk that's been fed a special d…

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