Earthquake Reported in Caddo Parish
There was an earthquake in our region while you were sleeping. The United States Geological Survey says the quake measured 3.0 on the Richter scale which is a very mild tremor. It happened at about 2:30 Thursday morning. The epicenter of the quake was in the Blanchard area...
NYC Man Gets ‘Survived the Quake’ Tattoo on His Torso [PICTURE]
So you survived the great Northeast earthquake of 2011, now what? You’re going to want people to know you were there when it all went down. How about a tattoo? That might sound a bit too permanent, but that’s exactly what Jonathan Berg of Brooklyn got on his torso the day after the quake. Tattoo artist Joe Khay of Citizen Ink in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn originally advertised the tattoo he designed
Car Commercial Being Filmed in Virginia Captures East Coast Earthquake [VIDEO]
The 5.8 earthquake that struck yesterday gave folks all over the middle part of the East Coast something to breathlessly discuss. Yet, no one seems to have been seriously injured in the shake. In other words, BEST EARTHQUAKE EVER! In Chantilly, Virginia, which is not too far from the quake’s epicenter, an auto shop was shooting a commercial when the ground went wobbly. Here is the footage from the
Music For Relief is Responding to 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
Thanks to MusicForRelief you can donate $10 or more to help those affected by the 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan March 11, 2011 and get access to a growing collection of new unreleased songs from artist like Linkin' Park, Hoobastank, Shinedown, Staind, Flyleaf and more! 100% of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children for the length of the campaign through May 11, 2011.
Help The Japanese People. Here’s How…
Many of you are wondering how you can help the Japanese people, in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has struck the island nation. Here are some organizations involved in the rescue and recovery effort that you can donate to.
Massive Earthquake, Tsunami Strike Japan; Effects Expected Around the Globe [VIDEO]
Hundreds have been found or are presumed dead after a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami tore through Japan's northeast coast. Some are already declaring the 8.9 magnitude quake the largest ever recorded and after-effects are expected to hit the west coast of the US, the Phillippines, Indonesia and other vulnerable spots. The Internet has sped into action, using Twitter to report updates and G
Haiti – One Year After the Earthquake
It's hard to believe that a year has passed since the horrific earthquake that shook Haiti. After the tragedy, Americans pledged over 1 billion dollars -- 32 million dollars by text messages alone. But has it made a difference?