These Chicks Are Gifted [GIFs]
The internet is filled with gifts...and GIFs too. When the two collide, magic is made.
A couple of things run the internet, kittens and puppies. But when I say 'puppies' I mean bouncy lady parts. I'm not about to post a bunch of kitten GIFs, so let's give you the other internet gi…
Happy Birthday GIFs with Emily Blunt [GIFs]
Today is Emily Blunt's 32nd birthday, let's celebrate with her best GIFs!
The British actress has recently appeared in the blockbuster movies Into The Woods, Looper, and her breakout in Edge Of Tomorrow. She's actually married to the star of The Office, John Krasinski...
Lady Gaga Is Engaged. Sorry. Please Accept These GIFs
It was announced today that Lady Gaga is engaged. This makes a lot of folks upset. She's crazy enough that pretty much anyone out there had an honest shot. Hell, even Sarah Palin and her may have fallen in love at some point. But now she's off the market...

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