Free Beer & Hot Wings: Canadian Couple Charged $1 Million After Giving Birth in U.S. [Video]
Last year, a Canadian couple took a dream vacation to Hawaii. The woman was six months pregnant at the time. Two days into the trip, her water broke, she gave birth to her baby and then spent the next six months on bed rest in a Hawaii hospital. Her daughter, born nine weeks premature, spent two months in the intensive-care unit. Despite having purchased insurance before the trip and getting appro
How About a Pizza To Go With That Vasectomy
We all love a great deal. BOGO offers are great, but I don't know about this one. There's a group of urologists in New England offering a free pizza with your vasectomy. Getting a free pizza at the sacrifice of your manhood doesn't sound like a good deal to me.
Can a Pill Turn Sweat Into Perfume?
Feeling stinky, but don’t like to spritz? An artist in Amsterdam is working on a pill that, when taken, would release perfume with your sweat. Lucy McRae calls her invention Swallowable Parfum and says she’s mainly trying to change the way people think, not the way they smell.
Britain May Increase Recommendations for Healthy Alcohol Consumption
The Commons Science and Technology Committee in the United Kingdom is considering increasing its guidelines for healthy alcohol consumption, which currently state men shouldn’t routinely drink more than four units of alcohol a day — about two pints of beer — and women should limit themselves to three units — a large glass of wine. Doctors have cast doubts on the recommendations, put in place by th