March Is Metal Month
I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but apparently March is International Metal Month! Which is pretty awesome. In honor of Metal Month, a lot of places including Best Buy and Amazon are having huge sales on Metal albums. We have some pretty heavy shows coming up at the Warehouse, inc…
Metal Masters 5
Last night in California, the biggest names in Metal gathered to celebrate the heaviest music in the world. As in years past, the festivities got kicked off with a workshop from the masters giving out some tips and tricks and ended with a full blow, star-studded jam session of epic proportions!
Tips from a Pro
Hey man, if you have three minutes, you can learn how to be the most bad-ass death metal guitar player of all time. OF ALL TIME! Your teacher today is John from Super Quest and he's going to teach you how to shred.
What is Metal?
How do YOU define heavy metal? Is it a sound? Is it a look? Is it a lifestyle? Is it all of the above, or something altogether different?
October is Metal Month at, and throughout the month we'll see artist interviews, plus mini-documentaries about metal, metal fans and the birthplace …
Metal Degree
Imagine getting college credit for studying Metallica and Iron Maiden and playing metal gigs. Sounds like something metalheads might dream up after a long night of partying, but a college in the U.K. is doing just that. Beginning this fall, New College Nottingham will offer a two-year degree in…
Steel Panther Gives Good PSA [VIDEO]
It doesn't matter where you go or what you do, you are bound to run into some sort of Public Service Announcement. And, at least for me, the two words that pop into my head when I hear or see a PSA is hypocritical & bulls**t. Most of the time it's some celebrity with a history of drug abuse tryi…

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