Municipal Auditorium

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Alice Cooper, The Godfather of Shock Rock, will be in Shreveport next week.  The Spend The Night Tour hits the stage at Municipal Auditorium at 7:30 Thursday night, May 11th.
Alice Cooper was originally the name of a band that formed in Arizona in the late 1960's; Vincent Damon Furnier was …
Boston In Shreveport--You Could Be There!
The album, Boston, was released in 1976 to little fanfare.  After all, numerous record labels had rejected the band's demo, and when Epic signed them in 1975 they had no idea what was in store.  The album flew off the shelves to become the biggest selling debut album in history..…
The Cockpit EXCLUSIVE: For Members Only
So with one of the biggest concerts just weeks away, surely you've gotten your tickets, right?
You STILL haven't gotten your tickets to the Godsmack and Sevendust show on Oct. 1 at the Municipal Auditorium?
Well, if not, boy do we have a deal for you in The Cockpit...

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