Spring Has Sprung Along With Seasonal Allergies
Spring officially arrived at 5:29am this morning when the sun was perfectly positioned over the equator.  This is known as the spring or vernal equinox.  This means that every day will be longer than the one before until we reach the summer solstice on Tuesday, June 20th...
Spring Spheres = PC Name for Easter Eggs
It started by calling Christmas trees "Holiday" trees, and now the Easter Bunny is losing the "Easter Egg."
So as not offend anyone this EASTER for an EASTER egg hunt some elementary school near  Seattle Washington will be referring to EASTER eggs as "spring spheres."
Gabe’s Top Signs Spring is Here
Yesterday was the first day of spring so let's check out the Top Signs Spring Has Arrived.
Donald Trump replaced his hair with fake Easter basket grass.
Lady Gaga's egg is painted.
You've almost finished puking green beer.
You have more daylight to go outside and breathe in Japanese radia…