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My Favorite Moment of Television
I don't know about you but TV pisses me off sometimes. The weird choices people make. Oh I caught this dude, and he said he would track me down. I should let him go because he's beneath me. Heck no I've seen enough programming to know where this is going...
NBC Pulls “Community” Midseason [VIDEO]
Oh tragic day! NBC, who apparently is not having the best ratings trend, has decided to pull Community from its fall line up mid-season.
This is the same network that just sits idol while Last Call with Carson Daly continues to air and contestants of The Biggest Loser get even fatter.
Eli and Payton Manning are Football Cops [VIDEO]
The Manning Brothers, Eli and Payton, have been spending their time during the NFL Lockout doing a fake ad for a new show on DirecTV called "Football Cops."
The story line is simple enough: the Mannings portray two former football super stars that hang it all up to save the streets of the m…
Hulk Hogan Will Train Little Wrestlers for New Reality Show
Hulk Hogan is returning to two of his favorite pastimes: wrestling and reality television.
Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, will be featured in a new reality series for TruTV, tentatively titled 'Micro Wrestling,' about the "wrestling world of little people."
Hogan's attorney, David H…