Maynard James Keenan: Renaissance Man [VIDEOS]
How does Maynard J. Keenan find the time? I do my mediocre 4 hour show every day; eat; find a few minutes for private time (torturing the toilet);  get in maybe one episode of a favorite TV show; and harass the girlfriend until she tells me it's time to go.  Day=Gone.
Slayer Launch Reign in Blood Red Wine
Slayer‘s music is certainly meant to be consumed with an accompanying libation. So it’s no surprise that the band has launched its very own brand of wine, much like Motorhead and AC/DC before them. The first beverage in the brand is Slayer Reign in Blood Red. The Cabernet Sauvignon from California i…
I Think I Just Found Heaven…And It Is Glorious[PICS]
Depending on what you believe, Heaven can be a lot of things. However, it could be argued that this place is somewhere we all wouldn't mind dying and going to. Especially if you're a wino.
The Accolade Wines warehouse in England holds over 11...
Lemmy Proves That He Is God, Yet Again [VIDEO]
I guess late night talk shows in Germany are like they are here. A David Letterman looking guy hosting a show and interviewing a band that is completely out of their league when interviewing a band.
I have to admit, Lemmy is a complete gentleman when he is being interviewed by Harald Schmidt...