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New World Record For Headbanging Set On July 4th
It was 25 years ago that one of the silliest movies ever made premiered in theaters.  Little did we know in 1992 that we would soon be saying phrases like, "Party On", "Schwing", and the inescapable "Not!" Wayne's World was the second movie to be based on a Saturday Night Live sketch, following 1980's The Blues Brothers...
Man Sets World Record for Extinguishing Cigarettes in His Mouth [VIDEO]
Stunt man Richie Magic is officially a world record holder after he extinguished 70 lit cigarettes in only 60 seconds - in his mouth. Initially, his attempt was supposed to be part of the roll out for New York City's new ban on smoking in public places. However, because it was discovered that Magic still smokes - as you will hear in the video below, nicotine oozes off of his voice - he was forced