"Sorry, there's nothing you can do. It is how it is." That's the encouragement I received from radio partner Erin McCarty when, for the umpteenth time, I argued on the air against what I call the city's system of "garbage socialism." Let me explain.

Currently Shreveporters pay a fee of $7 a month for garbage pickup. And, as I've repeatedly pointed out, everybody pays the same. Whether you're a family of five who leaves two full bins of garbage on the curb for pickup every Monday (my neighbors) or, like me, a single man whose can is full about once every two months, the rate is the same. Garbage socialism.

So, the question is, are you on my side and do you see a legitimacy of my argument that I'm paying (a portion) of my neighbor's cost, or are you on the side of one flat rate for everyone, regardless of amount?

Take the poll! Let us know what you think! Am I actually on to something here and is some sort of restructuring in order? Or am I, as Erin says, just tilting at windmills. Keep listening...we'll be announcing - and updating - our poll results evety morning on 101.7 / 710 KEEL.

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