The Ark-La-Tex can't Stop Talking About the Freeze Coming Our Way.

Shreveport-Bossier is preparing for below-freezing temperatures. If you have seen the forecast you have probably already found out that the temperature will drop to 11 degrees on Thursday night, and it won't be back to above freezing until sometime Saturday afternoon. Even then, the temperature will drop down to 20 degrees that night.

 If You have to Leave Your Vehicle Outside In the Freezing Temperatures You May Want to Sweep Out Some Items From Your Car.

Peter Macdiarmid, Getty images
Peter Macdiarmid, Getty images

Any and All Electronics.

Did you know that freezing temperatures can impact your battery life? If you keep tablets or iPads in the vehicle for your kids to watch movies while in the vehicle take them out. Maybe you leave your laptop in the car thinking there's no harm, the cold can kill the response time for your laptop.

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Justin Sullivan, Staff, Getty Images,

Any Form of Liquids.

So we all know that liquids freeze at 32 degrees. Who wants a frozen water bottle inside of their already freezing vehicle? Not me. Any form of carbonated liquid needs to be taken out of the vehicle. Have you ever had a soda explode in your fridge? Imagine a soda exploding in your car. No thanks.

Jane_Kelly, Thinkstock
Jane_Kelly, Thinkstock

Prescription Eyeglasses or Sunglasses.

Normally I keep mine in the car too. However, freezing temperatures can damage the frames, glass, or in my case last year the lenses.

Brian Chase, Thinkstock

Prescribed Medication.

Freezing temperatures can impact the efficiency of medicine.

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