I love 90s music, and not just rock. I truly believe that the 90s was the best decade for music...like, ever. So I always react harder when people say things about 90s bands. Like when someone calls Alice In Chains 'overrated' or says Hole 'didn't get the respect they deserved'. So I figured my online reactions would be better articulated in reaction gif form. Let's try:

When you overhear someone talk about Faith No More

Someone says Goo Goo Dolls were better than Radiohead

Someone makes the case that Layne Staley didn't 'make' Alice In Chains

Your aunt tells you that you can have all of her Sonic Youth vinyl

Your friend lets it slip you once did a middle school lip-sync to a boy-band

This was actually kind of fun...I'm totally doing this again!

BONUS: Here's a sweet old school 90s track you might have forgotten about:

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