Social networking site TalkO’Clock is now offering up a service that allows strangers to provide wake-up calls for other strangers.

To get a wake-up call, simply log in, provide your phone number and the time you’d like to be woken up, and specify the gender of your wake-up caller. Volunteers then chose times they can provide wake-up calls, and TalkO’Clock will anonymously connect the parties when that time arrives.

If nobody claims your request, or your wake-up caller fails to pick up when summoned, TalkO’Clock promises a staff robot will perform the task. If there is a catch, it’s that the wake-up caller can arise you in “any original way that they can think up,” an open-ended specification that could be inviting to perverts and weirdos. But, hey, as long as they get you out of bed.

Learn more about the service below.

[via The Daily What]