The Pretty Reckless rocked our 20th Birthday Bash in Shreveport this weekend, but not without singer Taylor Momsen shedding a little blood. 

The band's firecracker singer reportedly tried to pull a Pete Townshend-esque knee slide during the band's set Saturday night (May 10) at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, as well as perform some of the sexy dance maneuvers fans know and love.

But unlike The Who guitarist, she didn't have pants on (she was wearing black short shorts), and the stage is made of wood. Bad combination.

The Pretty Reckless bassist Mark Damon found Momsen backstage after their set digging out splinters with a knife.

Check out the photo Damon tweeted below.

Ouch! We could have found you some tweezers, Taylor. But that's pretty hardcore.

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