Was there ever a doubt that she wouldn't keep her promise?

Earlier this year, south Louisiana was hit hard with rain and as a result flood waters. Many said it was the worst flood we've seen in our country, others said it was the worst storm our nation experienced since Superstorm Sandy. However, you want to describe it, it was and still is a major problem for residents of the southern most part of Louisiana.

The devastation touched many public figures.

Tim McGraw launched challenges to help with flood relief efforts. Britney Spears got creative with raffling off costumes and experiences with her. And even Taylor Swift, who always says Louisiana has the nicest people, jumped in and made a pledge of $1 million to aid in flood relief efforts. Her pledge came in August and, according to Entertainment Tonight, two months later the remainder of her pledge has been divided between Convoy of Hope, The Life of a Single Mom and YWCA Greater Baton Rouge.

Previously, $100,000 had gone to Habitat for Humanity, while $50,000 went to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.

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