While Elon Musk battles with authorities in California to reopen his Tesla automobile production facility in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic at least one Louisiana congressman is looking at the altercation as an opportunity.

Congressman Ralph Abraham has penned a letter to Musk inviting him to relocate that Tesla production facility, and the jobs that go along with it, to Louisiana. Specifically, Abraham cited north Louisiana and a tract of land in Richland Parish.

The site Abraham described in his letter is called Franklin Farm. The 1,400-acre site has been developed with rail and there is an airport nearby. The congressman also noted that fiber internet services could also be provided at that particular site.

I bet you're wondering just who owns this piece of property in north Louisiana, aren't you? Well, it's you and me that own it. The land is owned by the state. That would certainly make negotiating the deal a lot easier, should a deal ever need to be negotiated.

As of now, it doesn't look as if Congressman Abraham's invitation will be accepted. It does appear as if Musk's threats to pull the factory out of California have created a sense of urgency among lawmakers in that state. Just hours ago it was revealed that officials in Alameda County have given Musk the go-ahead to resume production at the Tesla facility. 


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