If you've ever gotten a ticket from a robot, you know how infuriating that can be.  Before you start with that "you should just obey the law," line, just remember that there is an incredibly good reason for having human beings issue citations - the ability to judge situations in more than zeros and ones.

Now that HB 1631 has been signed into law, the great state of Texas will once again rely on the keen wit and human judgement when it comes to issuing tickets for running a red light.  Governor Gregg Abbott's signature says that the watchful, but (hopefully) understanding, eye of the law will one again be able to take into account extraneous factors like an 18 wheeler nipping at your backside so close you thought slamming on your brakes to make the light might result in a crash.

Just a note, if you have any robotically issued tickets from before July 2nd of this year - you still have to pay them.

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