This summer, Potter-heads from all around the world will converge on Fort Worth, Texas for a massive 8-hour bar crawl.  Come dressed in costume for a shot at the $200 grand prize, but you better be impressive - thousands of like minded muggles will be immersing themselves in the Hogwartian culture and chugging butterbeer by the gallon!

Attendees will get a T-shirt commemorating the event, a refillable mug, and will have lots of drinks inspired by the works of JK Rowling about the "Boy who lived," and his adventures.  Tickets for the main event are $20, but the entire area has decided to celebrate, too!  Bars and restaurants in the area will be packed with deals for fans of the series.  If you consider yourself to be the ultimate HP fan, there will be quite a few trivia contests for you to prove your worth.  Probably an impromptu quiddich match or two - it's gonna be wild.  In fact, if it gets too wild, extra Uber and Lyft drivers will be in the area to ensure every wizard and witch gets home safely.

Find out more about tickets and times here.

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