If you get pulled over by the police, there are a few simple things to remember.  Be courteous, obey the officer's instructions, and try not to bite off a part of their ear.  All of the lessons were apparently lost on Christopher Michael Rogers.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Rogers was pulled over upon suspicion of DWI in Dallas over the weekend.  Officers on the scene asked the 45 year old to step out of the vehicle several times, and he refused.  When the Denton Police Department tried to forcibly remove him from the vehicle, he allegedly jumped out and punched a cop right in the face!  Once several officers converged on Rogers, and subsequently brought him to the ground, he allegedly bit off a part of a DPD Sergeant's ear.

Rogers was eventually subdued, cuffed, and booked into jail, where he was charged with assault on a peace officer, aggravated assault, resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated.  The unnamed officer is recovering at home.

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