The Williamson County Sheriff's Office has devised an ingenious force multiplier in its battle against speeders.  The deputies in the county directly to the north of Austin, Texas has found a way to post 5 new officers around school zones that are notorious for speedsters, and the mere presence of these brave public servants has caused a drastic decrease in the amount of drivers who exceed the speed limit in these critical areas.

To make this whole story better, the new "recruits" don't cost the county a dime - because they are made from cardboard!  The cutouts look like a sheriff's deputy holding a very recognizable radar gun, and are staked to the ground in order to remind drivers to mind their speed.

Not only are they effective and easy to train, they never call in sick or ask for a raise!  KXXV reports that Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody has dubbed the operation "Flat Wolf."

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