A would be rapist got a surprise last week in Texas when his potential victim had some unexpected backup.  According to Fox News, 37 year old John Wayne Morris gained access to a home near Waco through an unlocked door just after 11 pm.  Morris then surprised an unsuspecting mother, reportedly saying that her children would be harmed if she fought back.  Centexproud.com reports that the unnamed woman awoke to Morris straddling her and pinning her shoulders to the bed.

What happened next isn't clear, but it didn't go well for the attempted rapist.  When police arrived on the scene, they would find 2 of the 3 teenage children on the front lawn awaiting their arrival.  The third would be found with his hands around the suspects throat.  Authorities would later learn that all 3 sibling subdued the intruder.

Morris was not registered as a sex offender.  He will be charged with burglary with intent to commit a sexual act.


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