English author William Congreve wrote a play called The Mourning Bride in 1697.  It it, the sage wordsmith strung together one of the most accurate phases ever coined:

Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd."

I can only presume that Billy C. was referring to situations like the one involving Amanda Kathleen McAlister, a lighter, and a Best Western Plus in Athens, Texas.

According to KWTX, 39 year old McAlister was in Athens in order to attend a wedding with her husband and her children.  Amanda's husband told police that his wife had become intoxicated at the wedding and demanded that they have sex once they returned to their hotel room.  He allegedly told her no, as he was too tired.  According to his statement, that's when she became enraged.  In response, He decided to sleep in their truck in order to avoid further confrontation.  He would be awakened shortly after by his son who claimed that a fire had broken out.  The fire would cause extensive damage to their room and the neighboring one.

After the completely full motel was evacuated, investigators found the king sized mattress pulled to the center of McAlister's room piled high with her husband's clothes.  Authorities also found a lighter on the bed, and other pieces of evidence that suggest the rejected lover ignited the blaze in an angry fit - including the words, "I hate you for not loving loving. I just wanted loved. Hope your happy," written on the mirror in lip gloss.

McAlister was transported to an area hospital where she became combative and was later arrested for public intoxication.  She was later charged with first-degree arson.


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